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How do you do Product Page optimization for your E-commerce site?

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Product page optimization takes three layers

  1. Layout
  2. Content
  3. Visualproduct page optimization

Most of the time the layout in the product page optimization is already fixed based on your store’s theme. While you can redesign it to make sure the product image is of the right size and have all the important elements like price, offers, image and a short description in the first scroll. Customers should feel comfortable at first glance.

Add SEO rich content that helps you rank. Long-tail keywords and related keywords are the primary drivers of traffic to your pages. Use product descriptions as a way to introduce more and more keywords into your product pages. If you find difficulty writing descriptions for those 100s of products in your store, try Adzis Product Content Engine. Adzis can generate thousands of descriptions from your catalog in no time. It’s affordable, quick and easy.

Visual is about adding a gallery or a making your product page look sleek. A UX person can help you here.

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