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Managed content CREATION services for your online store
It's never too early to start thinking about your holiday marketing, and Adzis AI makes it simple to achieve the sales you need to win this holiday season with one-click content for your online store.

Adzis is here to assist you in running a successful eCommerce store with Done-For-You material for your SEO (product descriptions, titles, meta tags, and so on), Youtube channel (videos), social media channels (social posts/banners), and guest posts (blog posts/listicle articles) at a fraction of the cost (few cents not 100s of dollars), and in no time (hours or days not months).
One Package For Every Digital Marketing Content
(For just $99 for DIY/$199 for DFY)


For Your Youtube Channel
5 Videos/Month

3 Blog POSTs/Listicles

For Referral Traffic
3 Blog Posts

Product descriptions

For Free SEO Traffic
100 Descriptions


For Social Media

100 SEO META TAGS/Titles

For Search Optimization
100 SEO Tags & Titles

You can now get a full-service content marketing package that will be proofread and personalised by experienced eCommerce content marketing experts that are committed to helping you build your eCommerce brand.
For just $199, we have custom-packed options that include 5 youtube videos+30 social posts (autoposted to your FB business page everyday)+3 blog posts/listicles+100 product descriptions & 100 SEO titles/tags.
We also provide additional services for free with the DFY packageĀ 
  • We will help you set up your Youtube channel for free if you do not have one.
  • SEO tag research for your youtube channel & videos
  • We will publish your videos on theĀ  channel if you do not have the right team.
  • We will help set up your Facebook/Instagram pages
  • Hashtag research for each of your social posts for better reach
  • Customized links/branding for your social posts

DIY (Do IT yourself / APP) - $99/Month

Get 500 app credits/month to create 5 videos + 30 social media posts + 3 blog posts + 100 product descriptions + 100 Product SEO titles

DFY (done for you / managed services) - $199/month

Our expert team will create 5 videos + 30 social posts + 3 blog posts + 100 product descriptions + 100 Product SEO titles

* Publish the videos on your Youtube every week with proper SEO tags
* Post the social posts every day on your Facebook business page with hashtags & a beutifully designed banner
* Email us the product list and we will write and publish your product descriptions, SEO product titles to your store

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