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What are the factors that increases conversion rates of e-commerce websites?

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increases conversion rates

The primary factor that increases conversion rates is “TRUST”.

You can gain the trust of your visitors by showcasing yourself as a serious and trustworthy business. You can do this

  1. By advertising your brand, which in my opinion is the expensive route.
  2. By being transparent. Put your phone numbers on, add a chat, add a direct email address that customers can reach out to and adding privacy/cookie policy/T&C pages to your store.
  3. Design: Shady, low-cost designs make you look inferior. Get a great online store theme that is simple yet stylish. Do not overcrowd with a lot of elements. This will work against you.
  4. With a better customer experience. This is for your existing users. Make sure your existing customers say good things about you. Get testimonials and reviews to put up on other sites.

Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates:

Use high quality images and video on your product page, Offer free shipping, Provide limited time coupon codes, Be competitively priced, Tweak and test your ecommerce checkout process, Use cart abandonment software, Use live chat software.

Customers today know that anybody can create an e-commerce website. So they only trust the ones that are serious enough. Add more content to your product pages. This will make you look like you have spent time discussing the product details with the user. In addition to the benefit of better user experience, the product page content will also get you, organic visitors, from SEO. With the new BERT algorithm update, Google is looking for semantically related content on every page. Just adding the specifications, photographs and a title won’t do. You will need descriptive content about each of your products. But generating content for 1000s of products is going to be tricky. Get the help of an AI writer that can generate original and unique descriptions in minutes. Check AdZis – Ecommerce Content Engine | Power of AI in Web Content Generation for details


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