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AdZis SaaS White Label Reseller Program is tailored for web development/SEO agencies that are looking to scale their brand to the next stage!

Join 100s of agencies using our White label SaaS reseller program!

Letting your customers try another agency or a freelance content writer just because you do not provide a service will cost you a lot. Don’t let your customers leave you.

All without developing new skills.

Add your label to our offering and save yourself from the risk, capital and time required.

Adzis white label program helps build content without hiring a content team
AdZis has built a first-of-its-kind e-Commerce content generator using AI-NLG technology. Here is a cost-benefit comparison of what happens when you write product descriptions in-house using AI. Read the detailed case study here.

Cost-benefit comparison of Adzis white label SaaS reseller program

In-house AdZis approach
Work hours One worker = 25 descriptions a day
22 working days a month = 550(25 desc x 22 days) pages a month
18 months to complete 10,000 pages
Just 6-10 days for 10,000 descriptions
Cost At 550 pages per writer, it requires 18.2 workers to complete 10,000 pages in a month Just 1/10th of the cost of writer salaries. Check our pricing here to check how affordable the product descriptions are.
Read the detailed case study here.

Adzis AI’s SaaS white-label reseller program is a great way for techies, freelancers, software resellers and eCommerce web development agencies to make passive income and increase their profit.

Join our white label SaaS reseller program. Let us know:

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