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Is it really a value add to sales from e-commerce platforms to those who has retail stores?

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value add

Value add can be anything from building a brand image, trust or additional revenue. An e-commerce store offers all these three. Now, the question is about is it always worth it for a retail shop to open an e-commerce shop online. The answer depends on many factors like resource availability, the type of products being sold, the market and the competition. Starting an e-commerce business for your grocery store might be expensive considering that grocery requires a speedy delivery, special storage systems, safe packaging, and shipping. Hence, is not expandable beyond a region. But considering your grocery store is in a locality with a lot of apartments and where customers prefer online purchases and payments over placing orders over a phone call, the e-commerce idea will work out.

So it is better to check consumer behavior and your resource availability before deciding whether to venture into e-commerce.

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