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How do I improve retention in the e-commerce stores?

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improve retention

You can improve retention in the e-commerce stores in two ways. 1. using remarketing ads and 2. using email campaigns. Use a combination of remarketing ads and email for shopping cart abandonment and use just email campaigns to get back previous customers(older purchasers not abandonment). You can run regular weekly/monthly/daily alerts/digests about the new products, discounts, etc.

But to get these strategies to work you should have delivered good customer experience. You can not get back customers when they leave your store irritated. The best way to improve retention in the e-commerce stores here is to try personalization and customized offers to the visitors so that they consider you seriously. If you see more customers bouncing from your store then find ways to engage users when they are on the store using push notifications etc.

In short, retention is multilayered. 1. on-site, 2. abandonment users, 3. old customers. Put a strategy in place for each of these separately. Please feel free to contact me if you need any help there.

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