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Which among this option do you suggest? Integrated Payment vs Paypal like Payments

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 Ecommerce functions: Build an online store with integrated payment system and Setup a web based money transfer software


When looking to introduce e-commerce functions to your website, which of the following would be the best first step?

  • A. Build an online store with integrated payment system.
  • B. Setup a web based money transfer software like Paypal



Let me assume your question is about transforming your existing website to accommodate e-commerce facilities. Now, the answer to this varies depending on what you sell.

  • If you are selling a service like a homestay, freelance designs, etc, Paypal itself is sufficient. All you will need is a way to let people order online and the number of products/services, in this case, will be around 2–8. Your order management and shipping can be handled using spreadsheets.
  • But if the number of products is more in the order of 100s or even more than 20/25 then it is good to go for an e-commerce website. Having an e-commerce website will help you handle the inventory, shipping and product catalogs. You will also be able to automate all the client handling using automated emails for everything from cart abandonment to shipping/tracking. All these functions will be too hard for you to maintain in excel sheets otherwise.

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