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Ways: Starting Your Own E-commerce Website

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Content engine for your ecommerce website

You can even get your e-commerce website designed and developed using open-source software. There are many open-source Content Management Systems like Woocommerce aka WordPress, Magento, OsCommerce, etc that you can use or you can go for hosted providers like Shopify, BigCommerce, etc that charge you a monthly subscription.

The next important thing is that you will have to get a payment gateway if you are planning to charge your customers online. The next thing is about finding the suppliers of your products. If you already have your catalog and products ready, even then you should try to fill in some more third-party products to make your store look big. You know, customers should feel that you are a big shop and you are going to stay for a while. Having a big catalog of products helps build confidence among buyers.

Building an eCommerce website will be a little different than creating a standard website or starting a blog. Beyond securing a domain name and hosting you’ll also need to consider tools and software for processing payments, along with actually creating and manufacturing your products.

But the most important problem I see in any e-commerce website store is the content for products. I have seen about 90% of the stores do not bother to add a description about the products they sell. These product descriptions not only define your place in Google search results but also build trust among the buyers. By the by, will you buy from a store that has no idea about the product they sell? And there are stores that just copy descriptions from merchant stores or copy a line or two for the sake of it from other stores. With thin product descriptions or copied product descriptions, you will end up nowhere on the first pages of Google. To know more about the impact of product content on eCommerce SEO, here is a case study on why product descriptions are important:…

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