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Tier 2 is an open tier for product descriptions with standard quality. For premium quality descriptions please check our 3 tier service

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Tier 3

If you have a specific requirement or need descriptions as good as advertising copies.

Tier-3 descriptions will be written by experienced copywriters supported by research analysts. The price range for 3-tier is between $3 and $8 per description.

how adzis works?

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

AI generated descriptions by AdZis are always proofread by experts before delivery. We ensure that we comply with the agreed quality standards all the time.
Product descriptions are generated by our AI algorithms using completely random parameters and hence will not be the same. We also ensure that the descriptions are unique by running a semantic similarity/plagiarism check before delivering to clients. In addition to this, we have subject matter experts to check the quality, relevance and mistakes in the content.
Our delivery process is smooth, with a well-documented workflow. So there will not be any bad surprises for you.

If your concern is about revisions, then we accept two revision requests and replace descriptions that the customer flags as inappropriate (this normally won’t happen since our proofreading team won’t let that to happen).
We hear this more often. This is because most of the business owners get carried away by the thought that they get cheaper writers. Mostly because they are confused between cost per word and cost per description. May be, you should do the calculation by counting the expected number of words per description and multiply that with their Cost-Per-Word.

These tools are built on a simple principle called "canned text patterns". These are just a set of few patterns that get its variables rewritten based on a lexicon. This is a rigid and closed process. The number of sentences that can be created using these patterns are limited. In the sense that you will end up using the same description that somebody else has also created using the same tool.

There is no AI or NLG involved in these tools. It's purely a script that can pick patterns and words. AdZis is built on a four year old technology that we acquired from Contentop. Contentop was one of the top 5 emerging NLG startups in India. Now, it is upto you to decide. By the way, do you have the time to map each attribute of your 300 product catalog to their respective variables as required by these tools?
Never do that. A duplicate content penalty is more fatal than a cannibalized page. In the case of duplicate content, you get penalized. This is more dangerous than leaving your product pages without content by keeping your pages out of the search index. At least, it is better to not rank than to getting your whole website go out of search engines. It is because when search engines slap a penalty, it affects the complete site, not just those pages with a problem. This is not the case for cannibalization.
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