Is Dropshipping Dead? Reasons Why Your Online Store Failed

Most dropshipping businesses fail because of their flawed customer acquisition strategy.

In a business with smaller margins, it is always about finding a cheap and sustainable customer acquisition model.

Running PPC ads or spamming unknown lists with junk offers and discounts won’t work. Even big eCommerce companies have stopped doing this because people aren’t listening to those nowadays.

You will need to spread your reach through trustable sources like word of mouth, referrals, etc.

One of the other options that will work is search engines.

People trust search engines like Google because when they see results in the first page positions they believe that you are a genuine business.

Thanks to Google’s strict SEO rules. But that will come at a cost.

Organically building your SEO with backlinks will be time-consuming.

Hence, making your product pages content-rich and long-tail optimized is the best solution for running a successful dropshipping store online.

Here is a case study on how this strategy works for your online store:

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