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Create easy, unique & original product descriptions for online shops.

eCommerce Product Description Generator

Choose from the 3 product description generator solutions available.


Search engines can rank and drive traffic to your product pages only if those pages contain enough content. Therefore, get more visitors by ranking for more keywords with more related, SEO friendly, unique and informative content about each of the products may it be clothing, jewelry, pet items, home products, etc.

Create unique eCommerce content on a click of a button. Save time and money.

One click to generate. Scale faster and overtake your competitors.

How it Works

DFY – Done for you :

  1. Firstly, you can email us the product list or your product catalog
  2. Our team will use Adzis app to generate the descriptions on behalf of you
  3. In addition, our subject matter experts will proofread the descriptions to suit your needs based on your SEO strategies or fix any mistakes in the product information and writing style.
  4. Finally, we will email you back the completed catalog ready to upload in the format supported by your store.
  5. In case you are busy or confused about how to do this, you can also ask the Adzis team to upload the catalog for you at no extra cost.
  6. DFY prices start at approximately $ 60 for 100 descriptions and will be delivered in 3-5 business days (depending on the team’s delivery pipeline)
  7. DFY offers options to add customizations to your writeups like bullet points, brand-specific tag lines, features, SEO keywords, power words, etc.

DIY – Do it yourself

  1. You can start generating product copy using Adzis product description generator app just by entering your store URL and email address.
  2. In addition, you can also publish the generated product content to the store directly. Watch the how it works video of the app to know more about it-
  3. Above all, pricing for the app is just $99 for 500 credits. There are other plans like $9/$19 and $49.
  4. You consume one credit for one product description writeup / 3 credits for a video / 5 credits for a blog post and 1 credit for a social post/social media banner


Are you undecided about whether to do it yourself (DIY) or hire Adzis (DFY) service to do it for you?

Simply contact us at sales[@] or fill the form here, and one of our account managers will walk you through the process.

In addition to descriptions for your products, we also offer SEO titles, meta descriptions, SEO tags, etc. Pricing in the range of 20 cents to 60 cents per product.

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One of the primary criteria for better eCommerce SEO is to provide complete product details with accuracy, which is why product descriptions are so crucial. You can engage expert article writing services, but they are expensive and time-demanding. If you’re short on time and want to stay within your budget, you should use AI-based products like Adzis’ product description generator.

The easy approach to writing a product description is to copy and paste information from the manufacturer’s brochure or website, however, this is not recommended. Such rudimentary information could be found on other websites, resulting in duplicate content penalties. Other than that, it’s difficult for Google to pick which of two identical product pages should appear first in the search results.

Keywords are a vital part of a product description because search engines rely on them to get the most out of websites. Product specifications, user experience, and design are all parts of eCommerce content creation, but keywords aid in website ranking in Ecommerce SEO. Adzis engine is tuned to pick and integrate category-specific keywords into the writeups.

Check the use case below to see what AdZis can do for your online store.

USE CASE: Why do you need AdZis’s – Product Description Generator?

In this video, we assess the wasted potential of your online store and discuss the possible ways to fix that. Therefore, please take a look before it’s too late.

Scale your internet business with easy, unique, and original product content at an affordable cost. Above all, writeups generated by the AdZis NLG Engine will be proofread by experts in the respective industry for mistakes, relevance, and quality.

DFY Features

  • Reliable Results: Product descriptions will be proofread by subject matter experts.
  • Smooth Process / Technical Support: We do the work for you. All you have to do is
    • (1) email us the catalog and upload the catalog back to your store after completion
    • or
    • (2) create a staff account for our team to do the work for you.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Not satisfied? You get 2-3 revisions free.
  • We are Startup/SMB friendly: Most importantly, we work mostly with startups and SMBs. The size of your business doesn’t matter. You get our complete attention.

So, just check the infographics below to find how bringing AdZis into small businesses is going to change future businesses:

Automate product descriptions generation using this AI based ecommerce product description generator

Auto-generate product descriptions to rank high in search engines for more keywords. Add enough content to your pages using this online product description generator tool to get more traffic to your online store. Writing product descriptions is easy and simple with this natural language-based content generation app. Try AdZis now.


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