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Would it be possible to automate SEO friendly product descriptions?

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seo friendly product descriptions generator

There are other options like SEO-friendly AI-based product description generators. There are expensive solutions and affordable solutions. Tools like Wordsmith etc are enterprise solutions and are hence a bit expensive to start with. It may not be a suitable option if you are a medium/small store. Even when all these well-known platforms available are way too expensive, there are businesses that are bringing Natural Language Generations to small businesses. Check AdZis NLG (AdZis – Ecommerce Content Engine) to get SEO-friendly AI-based product descriptions for your online stores.

The AdZis solution costs around 10-20 cents per description for a lot size of 1000+. It will be in the range of 5–7 cents when your lot size is above 25,000. The content is decent for e-commerce stores. Here is the link to the solution AdZis – Product Descriptions For Your Online Store. Pricing starts at $40 for 100 descriptions. For my previous project for an apparel store, I got 2000 descriptions written for just $550.

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