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Why Business Need Ecommerce SEO?

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Business Need Ecommerce SEO

Considering the competition in the e-commerce energy sector, eCommerce SEO should be around long-tail keywords and low hanging fruits than one going for generic high volume keywords.

Hence the emphasis in any eCommerce Search Engine Optimization has to be on the content. Mostly when the product descriptions in most online stores are too thin with just 2-3 sentences. Multiple pages with 95% similar content meant the page is probably stretched thin, and it also signals Google that those pages are less worthy.

Sadly, these content cannibalization has some potentially disastrous consequences for the Search Engine Optimization services.

Many people suffering from content cannibalization aren’t even aware that anything’s wrong. Here is a case study I found interesting that can throw more light on how content can improve your eCommerce SEO service efforts:…

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