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What are the most important employees I need to hire if I’m starting a start up e-commerce company?

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Adzis Product Original and Unique Description Generator

In my opinion, you don’t have to. You can manage yourself if you have time and some technical/business expertise.

You can get the e-commerce site designed and developed using open-source software like Magento. You will need to hire a freelancer to design the theme as well as to add a few features. This is going to be a one-time engagement.

You can learn how to add products to your catalog and do that yourself. The rest of the packaging, shipping and customer support can be learned on the go.

The only area where you will need constant support is in your marketing efforts. This is a pretty critical and ongoing function considering the fact that the e-commerce business has become too competitive.

The biggest bottleneck in any e-commerce store is the content for products. These product descriptions define your place in Google search results. With thin product descriptions or copied product descriptions, you will end up nowhere on the first pages of Google. Here is a case study on why product descriptions are important:

AdZis – Product Descriptions For Your Online Store:

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