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What are some new SEO strategies for 2020 for online store sites (Shopify)?

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some new SEO strategies for 2020 for online store sitesThis definitely is not a new SEO strategy but has made a powerful come back after the latest Google’s BERT search algorithm update.

SEO experts were seriously considering long-tailed keywords and ranking using relevant content after Google’s Panda update a decade before. But the lazy SEOs decided to continue pushing the shortcuts instead of putting their efforts on genuine measures. And all those websites that went behind those SEO managers are hard hit now. The genius ones that refocused on content are ranking higher now. Look at Neil Patel etc.

The strategy that SEO managers push is to build links for home pages. While the genuine way of conquering the SERP is to focus on product page content optimization. Add more content to your product pages and thus getting more visibility by ranking for more long-tailed keywords. With 100s of products, you could refocus 200–300 long-tail keywords instead of wasting your efforts to get ranked for 2–3 keywords on your home page.

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