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Phases Of NLP

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NLP falls primarily under 4 phases(do not confuse phases with stages, stages are different).

  1. Morphological/lexical phase – word-level processing. You will see that most of the NLP companies belong here. Mostly the machine learning/deep learning kids using NLP.
  2. Syntactical – Here is where parsing comes in. Sentence-Level processing of information. Parts of speeches will be the critical component here.
  3. Semantics – If you know the difference between grammatical functions and grammatical elements you will know what semantics is. For eg: when we move from understanding parts of a sentence as a noun, verb, noun phrases, etc to a higher level as subject, object, predicate, etc, we move to semantics from syntax.
  4. Pragmatics – This is about the context. You won’t see many people working on this phase. The main reason is that context is very strict and cannot be interpreted universally. At Adzis, we have a partial mechanism which is very much closed within only to our schema and semantics.

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