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How To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store (SEO, PPC, Social,…) ?

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Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store

The most important point that defines your success as an e-commerce store is your customer acquisition strategy. In a business with smaller margins, it is always about finding a cheap and sustainable customer acquisition model. When cost per acquisition has to be kept low to remain profitable, organic traffic is the best possible solution. But that will come at a cost. Organically building your SEO with backlinks and that too for generic keywords will be time-consuming. Hence, making your product pages content-rich and long-tail optimized is the best solution. These are the low hanging fruits for your online store. Here is a case study on how this strategy works for your online store:

This term is becoming less specific as more and more marketing techniques are evolving to generate clicks to your site. But essentially, the term refers to generating inbound links to your site from other sites on the Internet.

Electronic commerce or e-commerce (sometimes written as eCommerce) is a business model that lets firms and individuals buy and sell things over the internet. E-commerce operates in all four of the following major market segments: Business to business. Business to consumer. Consumer to consumer.

You may have done some reading on what to look for in an ecommerce platform, you need to know how to optimize essential features (e.g. inventory management tools, drag-and-drop landing page design, etc.). Offering an ecommerce business solution where customers can experience your products online is just the first step toward success. It takes a branded, easy-to-use design coupled with awesome site functionality to grow your online business.

  1. Grow Your Lists. Building lists is one of the BEST ways to increase traffic to your ecommerce store.
  2. Work With Influencers. Influencer marketing means working with people who influence your potential buyers.
  3. Start Blogging.
  4. Run A Giveaway.
  5. Launch A Referral Program.
  6. Link To Your ecommerce Site From Your Social Bios.

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