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How to start an e-commerce website in India?

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E-Commerce Content Engine

E-commerce website businesses need tie-ups with multiple partners. Here are a few.

  1. Merchants –  If you are not a stock & sale e-commerce website shop, you ’ve to have merchants preferred to supply products on your behalf and there should be a contract signed to keep things within the control(a lot to discuss here). Else you can go for a stock & sale model where you purchase your goods in advance. In that case, you will have to get a warehouse along with a team to secure & safeguard it.
  2. Portal development- You can even do it yourself. There are a lot of CMS like OScommerce, Magento, etc and there are hosted solutions like Shopify. You can decide whether to get your own customized CMS or go with hosted websites. You ‘ll need a PHP developer to set things up.
  3. Support team – You can hire your team inhouse or outsource the task to a BPO. They charge per seat or in support hours. Your strategy again is to decide between the options. Each has its pros and cons. (You can contact me if you need to know more about those)
  4. Your logistics team – Your packaging & shipping team is going to decide your place in the e-commerce industry. You cannot have your own team unless you are well funded. You have to choose your courier agent carefully. There are couriers that steal or mishandle your shipments. People complaining about the non-delivery of goods or broken goods is going to be the biggest headache of an e-commerce website business. That’s also the reason why companies like Amazon, Flipkart use their own network to deliver goods.

If you are worried about where to get product descriptions for 1000+ products, then try AdZis – E-Commerce Product Description Generator. It costs you around 25 to 15 paisa per word (40 to 20 cents) depending on the number of descriptions you order. AdZis – Content Engine EPDG costs 1/3 rd of the cost of hiring a content writer (in India) and 1/20th of the time required by content writers. The final output will be proofread by experts and hence is of first-class quality.

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