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How on-page SEO is done for eCommerce websites?

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When most of the answers here are about Search Engine Optimization in general, I would like to tell you something very specific about on-page SEO for e-commerce. In eCommerce websites, you won’t get the privilege of optimizing at a page level. It will be tedious to do SEO at page level because of the thousand+ products in the online stores. So the best thing you should do is to ensure that your product page has enough content.

Here are the statistics

  • About 87% of pages in an e-commerce/aggregation site/eClassifieds/real estate portal or a comparison site are product/deal/classified pages.
  • About 65% of these websites from a sample of 10000 websites have thin content. Which means only unique 2–3 sentences per page. While the menu, sidebars, header/footer elements are all uniform across all product pages the product descriptions decide the uniqueness of an e-commerce website.
  • Even the related products section won’t help since, for most of the stores, this stays similar across categories.

This thin/duplicate content leads to content cannibalization. This means search engines will consider these pages unworthy and hence will consider them as canonical pages.

This leads to a situation where even when your website has 1000s of pages, according to Google the number of informative pages will be in hundreds. So the most important on-page SEO strategy most SEO experts ignore is the problem of thin content/content cannibalization.

The first thing you should be concentrating on while optimizing an e-commerce/business portal is about making your product/classifieds/deal pages content-rich.

On-Page SEO through strategic keyword optimization in meta tags and content. Technical SEO to help ensure search engines can crawl your site efficiently. Local SEO to help drive local organic traffic (if you have a brick and mortar). Content marketing to drive additional organic visitors.

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Good Luck.

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