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How on-page SEO is done for eCommerce websites?

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When most of the answers here are about Search Engine Optimization in general, I would like to tell you something very specific about on-page SEO for e-commerce. In eCommerce websites, you won’t get the privilege of optimizing at a page level. It will be tedious to do SEO at page level because of the thousand+ products in the online stores. So the best thing you should do is to ensure that your product page has enough content.

Here are the statistics

  • About 87% of pages in an e-commerce/aggregation site/eClassifieds/real estate portal or a comparison site are product/deal/classified pages.
  • About 65% of these websites from a sample of 10000 websites have thin content. Which means only unique 2–3 sentences per page. While the menu, sidebars, header/footer elements are all uniform across all product pages the product descriptions decide the uniqueness of an e-commerce website.
  • Even the related products section won’t help since, for most of the stores, this stays similar across categories.

This thin/duplicate content leads to content cannibalization. This means search engines will consider these pages unworthy and hence will consider them as canonical pages.

This leads to a situation where even when your website has 1000s of pages, according to Google the number of informative pages will be in hundreds. So the most important on-page SEO strategy most SEO experts ignore is the problem of thin content/content cannibalization.

The first thing you should be concentrating on while optimizing an e-commerce/business portal is about making your product/classifieds/deal pages content-rich.

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Good Luck.

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