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How much do e-commerce website cost in the 2020s?

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E-Commerce website cost

To be frank, the e-commerce website cost can be literally at $9 if you are willing to do things yourself. Here is the e-commerce website cost involved.

  1. Buying a domain – The cost depends on the TLD(whether .com or, .shop etc). The price will be in the order of $9 – $13/year for standard TLDs and non-premium names.
  2. Webspace – You either buy some webspace from the hosting provider or get a hosting yourself from the cloud. Google cloud is offering free $300 credits. If you think that it’s confusing, buy the webspace from your hosting provider for approx $25-$90/year depending on the configuration.
  3. You can hire a developer for building your store or you can do that your self. If you want to do it yourself, learn to install WordPress, Woocommerce from Youtube. It is easy to do.
  4. Customizing the themes, installing plugins/extensions, etc can be learned online.

If you are worried about where to get product descriptions for 1000+ products, then try AdZis – E-Commerce Product Description Generator. It costs you around 25 to 15 paisa per word (40 to 20 cents) depending on the number of descriptions you order. AdZis – Content Engine EPDG costs 1/3 rd of the cost of hiring a content writer (in India) and 1/20th of the time required by content writers. The final output will be proofread by experts and hence is of first-class quality.

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