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How do ecommerce sites source product information / descriptions?

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product descriptions

There are 3 ways to source product descriptions for online stores.

  1. Using templates that use string replacement rules to create fixed descriptions for products. Templates are too stiff and it will not suit big lot sizes. After some time it will become repetitive.
  2. Freelancers are a good option but the number of descriptions they can write in a week has limitations. In case you need 1000 product descriptions, then you will need to hire 5–6 writers to get that done in a week. Again the cost is a concern. Freelancers charge around $10 to $50 per description. This means you will have to spend up to $50000 for a small store with 1000 products listed.
  3. The other options like AI-based product description generators are a feasible solution. There are expensive solutions and affordable AI solutions. Tools like Wordsmith etc are enterprise solutions and are hence a bit expensive to start with. This way to the source product descriptions may not be a suitable option if you are a medium/small store. Even when all these well-known platforms available are way too expensive, there are businesses that are bringing Natural Language Generator to small businesses. Check AdZis NLG ( to know more about NLG for startups/SMBs.

The AdZis – Content Engine solution costs around 10-20 cents per description for a lot size of 1000+. It will be in the range of 5–7 cents when your lot size is above 25,000. The content is decent for e-commerce stores. Here is the link to the solution Pricing starts at $40 for 100 descriptions. For my previous project for an apparel store, I got 2000 descriptions written for just $550

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