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Dropshipping In India

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Content app for dropshipping stores

Before you think about starting a dropshipping business in India, I would advise you to spend some time thinking about your customer acquisition strategy. The customer acquisition strategy is where most of the dropshipping businesses in India drop the ball.

Here is why.

In an e-commerce business with smaller margins, it is always about finding a cheap and sustainable customer acquisition model.  If you try fight the giants on the PPC(advertising space) or the discount space, there is a high chance you will end up being eaten by the giants. When cost per acquisition has to be kept low to remain profitable, organic traffic is the best possible solution.

But that will come at a cost. Organically building your SEO with backlinks and relevant content will be time-consuming and expensive. Hence, making your product detail pages content-rich and long-tail optimized will be the best possible solution that can be done within your budget and time considering that you have artificially intelligent solutions that can generate human like content in minutes. Try to overtake your competitors with the help of technology. Here is a case study on how this strategy works for your online store:…

The most important point that defines your success as a drop shipper in the dropshipping business is your customer acquisition strategy. AdZis – Product Descriptions For Your Online Store:

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