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Get Your Online Shop Featured on Our Partner Blog for Free

Getting featured on blogs can lead to even more sales and help boost the overall brand image. For some online shops, these media tactics we discuss here have revealed to work even better than SEO when it comes to getting customers to their stores. As time goes by, eCommerce is becoming more and more competitive. Year over year, eCommerce sales are surging to trillions, and these numbers are set to continue to keep improving over the coming years.
Research shows that websites that are in the first few slots of search engines get 70% of the traffic. But to get your website to the top requires two things – content and backlinks

An Easy Trick to Free Traffic, Exposure and Backlinks

how getting a story on a blog will help both your content and backlinks

How to get free traffic, exposure and backlinks for your Shopify store?
Adzis Shopify app is a tool that you can use to generate writeups about your store and products. Having said that, let’s go dive into the step-by-step process of doing this. First, log into Adzis Shopify app. For those who are new to Adzis, sign up for an account here at Others, just log into your account by visiting: how to get featured on websites Next, choose blog posts as your option and go to the list of suggested blog titles from your store’s catalog. topics you can write about on websites looking for submissions Finally, pick a blog headline from the list and email us that to us at sales[@] or fill in the form below

    What to expect after this.
    1. Our team of experts will generate, proofread, and optimize the blog post for you.
    2. We will contact and pitch our partners and friends to publish your article on their blog.
    Depending on these tactics, you can also find quite a few guest blogging opportunities to work with. Google for “intitle: ‘write for us’ fashion”. You can replace fashion with generic keywords like shopping, dresses, style, etc.

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