As an entrepreneur myself, I have been in your shoes in the past. I have gone through the same kind of hurdles you face today. I had spent a few hundred thousand dollars on SEO hiring agencies to build my web presence, build backlinks free and boost my search rankings. Most of the time, these SEO agencies take us for a ride by confusing us about Google algorithms and penalties.

But in reality, search engines do not expect you to be an expert in eCommerce SEO, instead, they want you to be genuine, informative and clear. The more content you offer to your readers, the more people talk about you, and your search ranks well.

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Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO

Here is where the real problem lies.

Creating content requries time, money and resources.

Building backlinks need effort and quality linkworthy content that generates interest.

When you are a one-person eCommerce store, you wouldn’t get the privilege of a big team, a lot of funds and an abundance of tools.

Your success lies here at this point. Take a look at the distribution of quality scores of online stores. About 83.9% of stores run thin content and almost no backlinks.


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If 83.9% of the Shopify stores have no clue about the value of content and backlink, this is going to be a cakewalk if you know how to do content and build backlinks for free the right way. Every extra product page content and every single backlink to your store is going to take your store to the top-ranking positions. May not be in the 0.1% bucket or the 2% bucket but at least in the 14% orange middle bucket that puts you in the top 15% of the stores.

Here is a quick way to go past this rat race and secure your position

To rank on Google’s 1st page, you have to build backlinks (free or paid) from either the Authority’s news sites and blogs. 

Thankfully, we have an easy solution. (No, I’m not talking about asking for linkbacks and using link-building tools to build spammy links)

An Easy Trick to Free Traffic, Exposure and Backlinks

How to get free traffic, exposure and build backlinks for your Shopify store?

Adzis Shopify app is a tool that you can use to generate writeups for your store and products.

Having said that, let’s go dive into the step-by-step process of doing this.

First, log into Adzis Shopify app. For those who are new to Adzis, sign up for an account here at Others, just log into your account by visiting:

shopify index

Next, choose blog posts as your option and go to the list of suggested blog titles from your store’s catalog.

shopify topic

Finally, pick a blog headline from the list and email us that to us at sales[@] or fill in the form below




    What to expect after this.
    1. Our team of experts will generate, proofread, and optimize the blog post for you.
    2. We will contact and pitch our partners and friends to publish your article on their blogs.

    Depending on these tactics, you can also find quite a few guest blogging opportunities to work with. Google for “intitle: ‘write for us’ fashion”. You can replace fashion with generic keywords like shopping, dresses, style, etc.



    Link building for your website plays a role in helping the website to the top rank. Work on improving your site’s credibility by bringing high-quality links to your website. Some of the prominent benefits of link building on your website are:

    • Online visibility of a website
    • Helps in building brand recognition and authority
    • The long-lasting impression among users
    • Enhances conversion rates