It's tricky to write descriptions for hundreds of product pages

Let our AI engine write your product descriptions in minutes

  • Make your product pages content-rich and unique
  • Scale faster by targeting new long-tail keywords
  • Increase traffic by ranking for synonyms and related words
  • Semantically connect with Google's Search Algorithm

ecommerce product description generator tool

Make your E-commerce business future-proof with next-gen technologies

  • Your online store lacks content at the product level. The pages either have no content or use copied content.
  • If your e-commerce site have a few thousand products in the catalogue, it is tricky to write content for all those listed products. Writing content wastes dozens of your precious time, and negatively impacts your growth if you have to hire your own copy writers.
  • Get unique descriptions for products, real-estate properties, classifieds written in minutes. Try our One-Click -Content generation technology built on NLG engines.
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Our results speak for themselves. Take a sneak peek at the correct ways to scale your online business

AdZis helped an early-stage tour portal to improve content density and semantic similarity. Thus helping them to regain the SEO ranks of each of its product pages. To read the complete case study click here.

Here are a few snippets from a case study on AdZis performance

How AdZis improved content quality?

The semantic similarity of the pages after content optimization came down to 45% compared to 95% before.

  1. Relevant
  2. Useful and informative
  3. Unique

Cost benefit comparison between using AdZis and employing a content team

InhouseAdZis approach
Work hours One worker = 25 descriptions a day
22 working days a month = 550(25 desc x 22 days) pages a month
18 months to complete 10,000 pages
Just 6-10 days for 10,000 descriptions
CostAt 550 pages per worker, it requires 18.2 workers to complete 10,000 pages
Just 1/10th of the cost of worker salaries.
COMPARISON OF CONTENT : Before and After AdZis

Semantic Similarity
  • None of the two descriptions in 10K batch had a semantic similarity score > 65%. This means each and every description is unique.
  • The average relevance of the newly generated descriptions were found to be greater than 7.0
  • The error rate for a test sample of 700 was found to be less than 6%. This is far more superior than the quality of a human generated content.

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