Top 10 Marketing Automation Tools

One Click Content Generation


This lead management tool lets marketers and salespeople move prospects through the sales funnel. Create automated, targeted messaging based on prospects’ activity.


A marketing automation platform. Integrates email, social media, offline events, content, and more. Helps sales and marketing teams prioritize prospects based on demographic and behavioral criteria, measure performance of marketing campaigns, and more.


An integrated inbound marketing system. Create personalized landing pages, emails, web pages, and more. Plus tap into HupSpot’s vast knowledge base around content marketing best practices.


A marketing automation tool. Users can draw collaborative automated campaigns on a whiteboard, listen to prospect behavior, and create database prospects through social media hashtags and keywords.


Multi-channel marketing automation software for email, SMS and direct mail.


A marketing and sales automation system to convert leads into customers.

Right On Interactive

Lifecycle marketing automation software. Uses a Customer Lifecycle Map™ to help users visualize where their prospects and customers are in their lifecycle/journey with the organization.


Inbound marketing automation software. Helps you create a strong online presence, enhance your website traffic, and increase lead conversions for your business.


An integrated sales and marketing software solution for small businesses. Combines CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce, and payments solutions with a marketplace of apps, integrations, and partners.


Combined platform for CRM, marketing, sales, and operations. Allows users to engage with customers in real time, while building rich profiles for targeted marketing.

Make your E-commerce business future-proof with next-gen technology

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